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At This Juncture...

I have been through the fire. I have suffered, transcended, and been reborn. And as with every soul who knows this fate  and there are few, if any, who don't  I have learned that the process is far from over. That the threat of fire looms ever present, waiting on but the single spark of transgression to alight anew, and that the womb of transcendence has limitless canals  that heaven possesses infinite levels that defy description. 

I have learned that every man creates his own hell, and that he does so through the pursuit of archetypes that of course appear ambiguous, but lead only, ever, down into affliction. 

I have learned that there is no behaviour that is below us. That each of us are capable of the despicable, and that that is, in fact, the greatest of gifts.

I have learned that condemnation cages victim and persecutor alike, brick for brick; that every judgement cast is a stone that forms the path to the fire, from which we emerge a perfect embodiment of each. 

I have learned that signs exist, that they are every bit as much a part of reality as flesh and substance, and that the only thing greater than their power to appear in the moment they are most needed, is our power to ignore them.

I have learned the pointlessness of labelling anything, of thinking we 'know' and therefore allowing knowledge its foothold on perspective. 

I have learned what love is not, and that most of us here are missing it by obsessing endlessly over what it is.

I have learned how to let go.

I have learned how to forgive.

I have learned how to heal.

I have learned.