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In Service Of

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There are no true human creations: no true artwork, no true architecture, no true technology. Not until we are able to manifest the imagination directly  and there is a good chance we will get there in this lifetime, if we survive  will anything we create come close to the reality of truth. Even then, with the veil between the imagination and its vessel lifted, how many more will hang in its place? And will we possess the wisdom it will undoubtedly take to lift them?

Beyond that, what lies at the end? When will we come finally to realize the power of true creation? When we are Gods, and we can create the earth? 

Yet here we are, living on it, products of it. The earth created us. We are surrounded forever by its perfect beauty. We are living examples of that beauty. Truth is found in every aspect of our being, and so too, then, in the imperfection of our creations. 

This is the conundrum of reality. The rule of the rabbit-hole. That great, final feat of alchemy: coincidentia oppositorum, the union of opposites. We exist within it, of course. It could be no other way. The task, then, is to clear it away. Because we are polarities united, we are continuously moving through static. Shadow and light, forever at play. We are, all of us, far too aware of the habit we have of getting in our own way. It's okay  this is our nature. 

Yet the true nature of all things is to evolve, which is how we've come finally to awaken within the static flow. It is the beginning of ascension. 

Static is a profound force. Within its dimensions we find the possibility of infinite manifestation. The static of your life holds the potential for an endless number of separate realities. You are creating that dance with every choice you make, every thought you have, conscious or unconscious. It is true. The life you're leading now is a result of it.

What if I were to tell you that there is something incredibly unique that wants to come through you? Something like the world has never known before? Something sublime, no matter how small. Something humble, no matter how celebrated. If there is no ring of truth for you in this statement, you are denying yourself. This thing, this ability, comes through understanding. It is clarity. It is about transcending the clutter by burning through it, about using the polarity of opposites to shape the static flow into a vision that opens itself up with light, through the use of consciousness.

Consciousness is the key. The universe wants to move through you, to express through you, to have the free flow and easy access into this world that it has been waiting for, for aeons now, as we rose up out the mud. 

While this may be exciting to read, there is no true need to be excited. What I am talking about here, this expression, this reality, transcends excitement. It simply is. To those unawakened, it may seem like the ultimate excitement, but it is not. It is simply the universe, without ego, without time, connecting through a portal that is wide open to its passage, delivering its message within the clarity of the present moment. 

You are a conduit. Time to open up.