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On Vision & Power


Of all the afflictions the human race suffers, none is more telling than our relationship to power. We exist in this world, in thrall to physical beauty, in thrall to force. These things, which are a part of nature, as are we, have come to dominate us. We are obsessed with their power  the power of seduction, the power of violence. Nothing works better, nothing works more quickly. We have proven it time and again.  

Still we fail to possess them. Not truly. What we wield instead is a perversion, killing us, disfiguring us, leaving us vain and bitter, suffering and shamed, only serving to deepen our obsession. Desperate to do what nature has done, we strive endlessly, but to control it, to own it, to strengthen ourselves through the use of it. Look at the world. The state of the planet is a testament to our passion, and for ages, this has been our story. Only now, in the first flashing moments of the third millennium will it come to an end. Enlightenment or annihilation. You decide.

This is a call to any who will listen. Hidden deep within the annals of antiquity lies a secret that can save us. We need not search the external world to find it. We carry it in our bodies. We carry it in our minds. Long ago we knew the true nature of both these things. We understood their reality as the greatest of gifts, the most powerful of tools. Through the ages our fascination with them grew, giving way to identity. It was inevitable. To transcend something you must first become it, and so it was that we moved fully into the spectres of mind and body, petrifying with belief and becoming blocks to the same depth that gave them life. We are a species made of stone. How else could we commit such atrocities against our own?

It has been long enough. We are at the pinnacle. We cannot get any colder, we cannot get any harder. It is time now to allow the cycle its natural course and begin the work of transmuting the primal rock of mind and body through surrender, and to find in this relinquishment the release that is our birthright.

We are the secret. Within the stone of our selves lies an ancient light that is waiting to be unlocked. Just as sunlight unlocks the earth, so too can we release the wisdom we hold inside. We must fix our eyes. We must observe the mind. We must remain present long enough, and we will find, finally, that vision will arise. With it, we could stand in clear witness to the examples the natural world sets for us. We could see the honesty inherent in all animals, how they live in thrall to nothing, that they are a perfect expression of nature. We could see the reality of beauty  that it is a mirror through which we are granted the profound privilege of deep self-reflection. And we could see that the awesome and terrifying power the planet demonstrates is a form of self-healing that is universal in its teaching.

It is possible. Vision is the doorway to power. Surrender is the pathway to vision. Written within our self-enslavement lie the answers we require in order to truly surrender. It has been done before. Masters have laid down the truth, as always, not with their words, but their actions. In so doing, they released a clarion call into the ether of consciousness that can still be accessed to this day. We have the ability.