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The Healing Crisis of Humanity

Pain is a gift. It is the most potent transformative agent. Ask anyone who has truly suffered and they will attest to this. It is the original catalyst. Without it, our progress, though markedly slow already, would be even more so. 

The only rival it truly possesses is the power of human denial. The depth of our ignorance to the signals our body provides is a testament to just how truly unconscious we are. Change is so often only effected once one reaches the level of critical mass. This is the healing crisis — the point at which systemic conditions that are causing dysfunction have gone ignored long enough that a major trauma occurs. If it takes place, then it is necessary. 

On an individual human level, the crisis point derives us of life, in one way or another, forcing us finally to surrender, look inward, and begin the task of conscious reconstruction. It is not passive. No matter the condition, it is a call to take an active role in our own healing, to illuminate the shadow material that has brought us here under the inscrutable light of consciousness. The greatest gifts are hidden, always, in the darkest of moments.

So it is with the world. Humanity, as one, is now moving into the final stages of critical mass. Yet how strongly is this being felt within the cells of our great body? Are the signals being heard, or must the crisis refract itself once again into nearly every individual human before we finally awaken and begin the work we need to do? Must each of our sole lives start to crumble in order for us to move into the transpersonal space of clarity and understanding, harnessing our fate finally in our own hands?

Those of us in the first world live the most privileged lives, and therefore remain the most unaffected. We also live some of the busiest lives, and therefore can't be bothered. Climate change isn't an issue until we start to cook from it. Food shortages aren't an issue until we can't put any on the table. The walls of tragedy close in on all sides, yet we refuse to see, stubbornly continuing to dream the dream we've been programmed to — the same dream that drives those walls ever closer. It is insanity. Yet, as with all things, it is as it must be. We declare the process as we create it, moment to moment. By continuing forward in it, we are announcing that this is what we need. 

And so it goes. The body of humanity approaches now its darkest hour, the final throes ahead of us. Within its unfolding lies the potential for a flowering of compassion and intelligent design of such profundity it is as yet unfathomable. If we can do this — claim our birthright as Gods and save our Self and our Home — we will ascend. The great window of space will open up to us, leading us anew into the galactic garden and securing our place amongst the stars. If we can't, the pain we are experiencing now will come to bear with such a weight that it will crush us utterly. Make no mistake, we will face our Self in this lifetime. What we find peering back at us is up to you.