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The Junction of the Self

There are two you. If you are reading this and you do not understand what I mean, then it goes even deeper: the two of which I speak are un-united, your second and true self hidden within the fog of thought. If you are aware, however, of that second self  no matter how infrequent that awareness may be  then you are already on your way. The Junction of the Self is imminent, and from there, reunion is not far off. 

There is an ancient technique that points you directly to the understanding of this most fundamental teaching. As with all deep truths, it is quite simple, yet holds the potential for profound change. Turn to your mind, right now. Wait for the next thought. When it arrives, notice it. Notice the emotion that it causes or carries with it. Or, if it is an emotion alone, feel it fully  can you source the originating thought, or is it too deep? If it's too deep, that's fine, as you have the emotion, and resulting state of being, as evidence of the unconscious thought or belief that you are in the grip of. Regardless, it should be clear through this simple exercise that there are in fact two of you: The Experiencer, and The Watcher. It is through the act of bringing these two elements together that the catalyst for true change is born. 

As you go about your daily life, thoughts are all pervasive. The mind never stops, even in sleep. Our personality derives, in a large part, from the subconscious. It is this vast and unseen well that dictates our reactions to nearly every situation we encounter, as well as the quality of the thought-static which fills the rest of our lives. From there, It is not hard to understand how our thoughts create beliefs, our beliefs create habits and our habits dictate, to a large extent, our experience of reality. What is hard, however, is to watch it all as it takes place.

This is what I'm speaking of, of what countless numbers before me have spoken. Numerous esoteric texts have cited it throughout the ages, yet only now, in the first few years of the new millennium, is it beginning finally to garner the credence of which it's always been due. It is about dismantling the old concept of Self in order to unlock the new one that waits inside; about transcending the shadow-self born of the well of the subconscious  that most ancient arbiter of human reality  by bathing it in the light of consciousness. Indeed, nothing can be operated on in the dark. 

Up until now you've been possessed solely by The Experiencer. When you have a thought, you are that thought. When you have an emotion, it takes you over. All that need happen now is to bring The Watcher into play. This can be quite hard to do at first. What you will notice is that The Watcher is often late, and looking back. The Experiencer will undergo possession of a string of thoughts and emotions, moving through the present moment as those things, when suddenly The Watcher will stop it all. 'Wait a minute,' it will say. 'What's happening here? What exactly was I just thinking about?' and then, most likely for only a few brief moments, it will begin to review everything that The Experiencer was just going through. No judgement, just pure observation. What then usually occurs is The Watcher will segue unknowingly back into the The Experiencer, and the stream of unconscious thinking will set in again. You are dealing with two very closely related entities here. 

Regardless, these brief moments are the start of something profound. Every time The Watcher interrupts  even if only for a few brief seconds of recollection  you are coming into clarity. Consciousness is opening onto the scene. The more space is created, the more The Watcher will begin to come through, and the longer he will stay. The visits will then turn from brief reviews to slight sojourns, The Watcher beginning to step into the moment itself without disrupting it  simply watching the thoughts as they happen, observing the emotions as they take over the body. From there, The Watcher and The Experiencer will slowly come into co-existence, and the Junction of the Self will have begun.

This is the point at which mastery begins. It is the birthplace of true power. Until you come into focus, here, joining these two elements together, you cannot know power, no matter what position you hold in the world, no matter how important it tells you you are. Your authentic self resides in the reality of this duality transcended. Once you reach this place, transparency will begin to leak into your being, and the illusion of the world will start to filter though you, commencing the process of rendering it powerless. From there, the walk into the white light of a new and different world will have begun, the reunion of the self and the higher alignment of being shimmering within. Do not be afraid. Each step is a simple one. Take them now and the world will follow.