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The Secret of True Health

If there is one thing on this earth that dictates our quality of life more than any other, it is our physical health. All of our individual life circumstances stem from, and depend completely upon, this one all-important element. It is impossible to have truly satisfying relationships, enjoy money or travel, produce quality work or lead a fulfilling life in general without it. Health = Happiness. This we know.

The commercial health care industry also fully understands this. Every year the market is flooded with more and more information based on our desire to improve our health, and thus our happiness. We are supplied with endless solutions to every personal health problem that plagues us  what to eat and what not to eat; what exercises to perform, which to avoid; what new vitamins, medicines, therapies or training need to be partaken in; when to do what and exactly how to do it in order to get just where we want to be. 

Yet rarely does it work. Even if the information is sound, or the products themselves capable of producing results, more often than not the new lifestyle change is dismissed after only a short period of time, the old, unhealthy habits reasserting themselves and leaving us entrenched once again in the familiar patterns that have dictated our unhappiness for so long. The money has been spent, the effort exhausted, yet the tree fails to bear fruit. This story is told time and again.

Success then becomes the rare example, those who achieve it seemingly doing so through a powerful act of will and determination  the traditionally accepted routes to any type of accomplishment in our world  through external factors that were changed, and somehow kept that way. Yet if one were to conduct a deeper examination, what they would undoubtedly find is something much simpler. 

The problem lies with the mind, and its place at the helm of our bodies. The mind is unhinged, untrained. It has far too much freedom and no anchor to keep it in place. The ill-health so many of us suffer is a result of this. The unharnessed mind is not in touch with the body, and cannot therefore clearly define the body's needs. This is the main reason the commercial health care industry does so well. The mind, disconnected from the body and the wisdom therein, remains in a state of continuous naivety and lack, convinced the answer must lie in one of the myriad solutions being presented to it. Yet the answers, as always, lie within. As long as the mind remains untethered by the body, illness and failure will persist.

Realizing this, there are two things you can do. You can either work with the mind directly, harnessing it over time, or you can go beyond it. If you choose to work with it, you may come eventually to find the doorway, which leads directly into the body, and then ultimately beyond it. If you decide instead to access the body directly, you must forget the mind. Forget what you should or shouldn't be eating, your exercise routine or lack thereof, vitamins, drinking habits, supplements, all of it. Let it chatter. Go instead into your breath. Take a moment to reconnect, wherever you are, and take one long, conscious breath. From there, move more deeply inward. Feel, don't think  the expansion of the abdomen, the rhythm of the heart, the feeling in your hands, your feet, the rest of you  these are the things that will take you there.     

Practice as you can. The body is patient, and forever open, forever welcoming. It has already waited a lifetime for you, it can wait a little while longer. The deeper you move into it, the more clarity with which you will find your health needs being revealed. This is because it is a return to the natural state  one we've always had the right to, as beings that are part of nature itself. Once you start coming from this place, health will begin to flower as naturally as fruit from a tree. The body will mould the mind, and you will indeed find yourself adopting new lifestyle choices, while at the same time witnessing others as they fall away. This is the body, emodied. It is infinitely intelligent, infinitely wise. Return to it and this you will find.