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The True Revolutionary

If one could see the living body of a true revolutionary - really see it, with a mind shorn of impediments and possessed of vision  what they would witness is true transparency. A pure, clear void, opening onto the energy of this life and transforming it, everywhere they travelled. Infinite abundance, forever flowering. True emptiness.

This is the destiny of us all. The world we've built is already a rudimentary expression of it. Imagination precedes reality, therefore imagination dictates reality. We cannot be, or create, other than what we have imagined. Each of us, blessed in our bodies, having been given the grandest of gifts in the allowance of walking this earth, are vessels for this higher truth. Yet we are clogged with the clutter of cultural programming. Ideas upon ideas. Answers upon answers. The selves we believe to be our own have been conjured by this mind-made culture, the world we've created a reflection of that clutter. Unable to see the boundaries that contain us, we search endlessly, fruitlessly within them, finding forever only more of the same. 

Yet the truth remains that there is nothing to be found. There are no answers. Nothing is predetermined, nothing is set in stone. Everything we once believed has been proven either to be wrong, to possess far more complexity than priorly thought or to be far simpler than ever thought possible. Sometimes all three. The more you investigate something, the more it changes in form, revealing the ultimate fact that form does not exist, that all of reality is in flux. This itself is the very nature of reality  that it is unnameable, that once a name has surfaced and solidified, the thing it represents has already begun to change and slip away. There are no universal laws. The deeper you go, the more complex the mystery. God defies definition.

This is what the true revolutionary teaches. This is what they know, what they live. The implications of this are massively freeing. It nestles the universe solely in the self, in being, in the truth that nothing else matters other than what is taking place right now, harnessed within the perceiving, living antennae of consciousness  you, me, each of us   alive in the flux of the present moment. It is sacred. Once you understand this, it is the beginning of liberation, the beginning of the end of the false self.

I will tell you this: there is nowhere you have to get to, nothing you have to atone for, no urgent mission that needs doing, no thing that you need to be other than what you are being presently. Indeed, it can be no other way! The fact of your existence is proof of it alone. All is perfection, everything is exactly as it should be.

While this is undeniably hard to grasp, it remains the One Great Truth. It is the axis on which the universe turns. That is how powerful it is. The more you can connect with it and hold it inside, carrying it with you through your life, the more it will begin the process of releasing the true self from the bonds of cultural conditioning, allowing the imagination the right of slowly shedding the burdensome forms that have cluttered its passage for so long.

It is time now to call yourself back  into this moment, into the body, into the mind, into every singular thought and each emotion, into every sense perception and every interaction, time and time again. Soon, a trickle will leak into this world. Once started, it will grow  ever stronger, ever clearer  until finally it will find itself fully flowing, rippling out onto the earth and transforming it, overflowing in an out-pouring of pure, clean energy, revealing the unmistakable body of a true revolutionary.