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The Truth About The Second Coming

I have news for you. News that you may not like. News that may kill your hope. News that, once received, may just leave you in a space that some would call doubt. 

Yet this is a good thing. There is much worth doubting. For only out of doubt can the truth ever be found, and the truth is: you are not going to be saved. The second coming, as it has been taught throughout history, is fallacy. There is no one coming for you. There will be no intercession of holy judgement, no harbinger of heavenly ascension and fiery exile that will descend from the sky, white robes in tow, holding the fate of the mortal world solely in his hallowed hands. Nor will there be any day that will arrive, no place that will be reached, no promise that, once fulfilled, will possibly spell your salvation. Wait for it, and you are lost. Search for it, and you are surely fraternizing with a dangerous fiction. You will chase it straight into the grave.

Yet there is, to be sure, a second coming. Look in the mirror. That’s where you’ll find it.

Blasphemy? Undoubtedly. As it has been so defined. Yet I call blasphemy on the very act of waiting, of consciously placing your power outside of yourself. This is the greatest sin, the greatest denial. And not until you understand this will the second coming have any hope of finding its passage into this world. There is no other space which can provide it entry. There is no place, no person, no political party or set of circumstances that can deliver it. Indeed, its only mode of manifestation is through your action, your willingness, your effect on the events of the life you are already swept up within. Every moment spent waiting is a cry against it; every complaint, every finger pointed, every movement unaligned with the mind and the deeper being therein is a stake in the land it lies to you with, telling you it is something that can actually be claimed. 

It isn’t.

And there is not a thing out there that can change this. We have no parents, truly, no God that’s going to step in and put things right, light fires and reprimand, demand, destroy. Why do you think it is that we do all of these things so furiously ourselves? All of it  all the pretext, promises, pretence, politics, religion, tradition, consumption, intoxication, every last bit  is nothing but wanton distraction. A feast with no sustenance. Yet we continue to gorge, knowing full well that it will never work, that there is nothing out there that can possibly fill us up, so vast is the hole that sucks at the centre of our hearts, so great the void that churns at the very bottom of our being. 

We are alone here, and we know it. We are separate  from God, from one another, from meaning  and it is this terrifying reality, this horrifying lack that we are so afraid to face. All of the violence in our world springs from it  all of the disdain, the degradation, the deplorable ignorance. Everything. The only thing we haven’t managed  the only thing we can’t imagine  is the saving of ourselves. How else could the myth of the second coming as we’ve so constructed it have come to be? We had nowhere else to turn. It is a dream dreamt by a species still in the earliest stages of childhood

Yet there is no rescuing us from this. That is the tragedy of it, and the brilliance. It is our mess to wallow in, and if we so choose to have it carry us into extinction, so be it

If there is a God, this is her greatest gift to us. Isn’t it obvious? It is time to grow up. That is the truth of it. You are the second coming. I am. We are. It arrives through us. And it does so only when we are able to turn and face the reality of our aloneness. The path, as always, is through. We must travel through ourselves in order to clear the way for the love of the new world to arrive. For only in facing our greatest fear can we possibly come to find our greatest truth: that it is our very aloneness that unites us. Within this paradox lies our freedom. It is, as some have put it, our most divine dichotomy  the truth and the lie as one. That we get to possess it is the original gift. That we get to realize it  if we so choose  is the very catalyst for change we’ve all been searching for.  

So conjure the courage to face your solitary nature, to traverse the fires of the fear that burns at the heart of our existence here, and you will find on the other side a wellspring of the sweetest love imaginable. Turn the outward-looking eye inward, and the emptiness that haunts the halls of this life will eventually come to reveal itself as an abundance of light, overflowing, radiant, present within every atom, every moment, every movement. Do this, time and again, and this love will come to be released upon the world, just as it was at the very beginning of creation. Learn to move within, and you will find where the paradigm shift begins. This is what it means to come again.