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The Truth As You Know It

This is a direct address. 

Follow these words, reader, as they are for you specifically. Feel the syllabic strike of each sound as they are spelt silently within your mind, now. It is a profound thing. We have never met, you and I, yet here we are, connecting, I the speaker and you the listener, these sounds unfolding into sentences that carry a message and a meaning, leaving an impression that sets in, whether remembered or forgotten.  

This is the power of connection. Words are the medium through which we as humans can most clearly enunciate, but make no mistake, they are merely form  representatives of a deeper state from which they flow. It is the stream of consciousness, the formless current, that gives them life. The same current that grants all of life the endless dance of communication within which we exist. Out of this, we alone arrive at words. We set the language of our lives aloft on the breath borne of the fire in our bellies, to which it alights on clouds, and the leaves of trees, seeping into the soil that we seed. We write our fates with the same tongues we use to taste the offerings of that soil, mingling them deliciously with our inner states, reminding us, forever reminding us: all is connection.

Yet there are those who would have you forget this. Those who have felt so terribly separate for so long, they have forgotten how not to be afraid. They will do anything to silence you. They will seduce you, wile you, defile you, climb into your mind and deny you; they will reduce your peers and have them jab and leer, suspect and reject, until all but the strongest are reduced to tears. And if you refuse to be taken, even then, if you refuse to succumb, climbing to the pulpit to holler the truth as you know it, they will open fire on you.

Such is the fate of truth on this planet. If you hit it, it will be heard, and it will be attacked. The great sadness that afflicts us, and the fear that feeds that sorrow, cannot tolerate its existence. For if it did, its own would end. 

Yet I will tell you this, brave soul. The grandest thing you can do in this life is speak the truth as you know it. You have the ability to channel a reality into this world of such power that heads will turn; to spell out the connection of life with such lucidity that waves of chills will spill through the crowds that have gathered to hear you. The minute you begin, the veil will start to lift. The fear will begin to dissipate, and you will start the slow walk into the rift. All it takes is a single taste and you will know it: they cannot touch you. No matter what they do to you in this life  including ending it  you are beyond their reach. This is the love of truth, and the truth of love.

Are you still with me?

Go ahead then. Put it to words. Just watch what happens.