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Unlocking The Authentic Path

There is nothing in this life that will ever supersede the power of the individual. While it is true, of course, that power exists in numbers, mass consciousness is quite often susceptible to a type of deep unconsciousness, and can therefore be an exceptionally destructive force. Only when comprised of people thoroughly in touch with themselves can mass consciousness flower into a embodiment of true and natural power. This is a given. Why else would it be that we have incarnated here, inescapably alone in body and mind? We are meant to work with the self, to find within it the path that leads us to the truth, on our own. This is the point: defining the path. Each of us has one, inherent to who we are. As personality condenses in early childhood, so too is our path laid out before us, woven inexorably into the tapestry of the timeline we create for ourselves, arising out of our intrinsic uniqueness and holding a naturally symbiotic relationship with our core inclinations, traits and proclivities. 

Yet life is a grand teacher, and it is the role of the world to tempt us to deviate from that path. This is especially true of the western model of modern culture. A large part of 'growing up' is putting away childish concerns and steeling yourself for the harsh realities of the cold world. And it has succeeded immeasurably. We are a planet full of broken dreamers  adults either lamenting the loss of something they feel is missing but can't quite identify, or others who have been so far from the path for so long they have completely disappeared into the fog of the false world. By relinquishing our personal power to the safe road that society has laid before us, and accepting the truths it presents in place of our own, we are denying ourselves the birthright of finding our own authenticity. 

This accounts, of course, for the explosion of psychiatric medication in society at large, which, aside from rare cases, serve only to keep us deviating that much longer. It also explains the aversion  and underlying fear  that we hold towards the substances that actually serve to dismantle the numerous walls of justification we have built up around that deviation. The reasons for this differ from those drugs considered narcotics or stimulants. Anyone who has ever taken a significant dose of psychedelics will inform you of their terrifying power for elucidating the many ways in which we have deviated from our true paths, as well as the clear indicators illuminating the often hard work it will take to find our way back. This is why, in aboriginal cultures, psychedelic substances are one of the tools employed by medicine men. The patch-work medicines of modern psychiatry  an institution produced, in large part, by the cartesian, rationalistic principals that created the very society that lay the path of deviation before us  stand in stark contrast to these powerful and often life-changing entheogens. 

Yet the truth need not be visited so harshly upon our persons. There is a middle road of a more gentle persuasion, one that whispers quietly to the honesty inherent within, re-minding us of the path that we so long ago left behind. It is here that we will find the new and unique tools that will begin the work of leading us back to the provenance of our deviation, affording us the chance to take up the journey once again, no matter our age, life situation or individual encumbrances, and begin the work of disassembling the old world and revealing the new. 

It begins first with an admission of total responsibility. While it is true that the world has led you away from your path, it was only fulfilling its intended role in so doing. Your intended role, in turn, was to decipher that illusion from reality, distilling your personal truths from those that the world imposed upon you. This is the act of self definition, and it is a completely sovereign process that all of us are doing in every moment of our lives. It is simply a matter of whether or not it's happening consciously or unconsciously. Look at the state of the world. It is not hard to tell which remains the dominating force. So it is with this first admission that we acknowledge the existence of the shadow-self as our own, and blame neither it nor the world for where we are. They are one and the same anyway. It is we who have allowed them the domination over our selves and our creations. There is no one to blame but us. Even then, blame serves no purpose. Simple acceptance is all that is required.

The second step is honesty. Here too, there is a process of discernment that must be honoured. There is the truth of the mind, and then there is the honesty of the body. The truth of the mind is unfortunately often false, having been placed there by the innumerable tools of indoctrination we are subject to in nearly every moment of our lives. These are inherited beliefs, and only serve the purpose of perpetuating the dysfunctional system that we have been born into, the same system that is collectively leading us to mass confrontation of the self and possible planetary suicide. Accessing the honesty of the body and using it in identifying the false truths of the mind is a powerful act of personal reclamation and empowerment, and will serve the revelation of the new world incredibly well. Yet it is a tough job. One cannot depend on any outside source to tell them whether something is right or wrong. They must identify the inner compass, the intuitive knowledge that lies deep within and allow it the final say. Each of us carries it, and each of us has the ability to access it. It is achieved, as always, through persistence of presence.

Finally, upon development, you must use this power of discernment to unlock first the illusion of yourself, then everyone you come in contact with, and every situation you encounter. The truth is there. Failing to do this is one of the most common trappings within the new age movement, and why so much of it has fallen victim to sham and pretense. While the hard cynicism of the entrenched skeptic lies at the opposite end of this spectrum, the truth of the self, and the personal power inherent therein, lies in the middle. When we remain stridently observant of this truth in our daily lives, returning to it continuously, we will find inauthenticity being revealed all around us, and begin to see clearly how to use the power of the transpersonal to reach the gem of authenticity within, bringing it to the surface in a totally unobtrusive act of revelation, and clearing an unthreatening path for others to follow.

Accountability, honesty, application. These are the tools with which we begin unlocking the illusion of the world, dismantling the walls we've built up around one another and revealing the flux of nature that lies beyond. Once we step through, we will find that we do in fact possess the ability to truly trust ourselves once again, navigating slowly back to the old country of our origins - a place long forgotten, yet forever familiar. Eventually, we may indeed come to find ourselves in an enchanted land, where paths woven of the finest authenticity roll forth from bodies aligned with silent minds, intertwining in an ever-widening tapestry that will one day form the foundation of an earth that knows its place amongst nature, and time.