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The Mister

Have you met The Mister?

He is quite the charming character. He jumps from dream to dream, from mind to mind, dropping whispers into time.

A top hat he wears, some say it’s sublime, and his cleaved cloak leaves a trail of starshine behind.

Like a cricket he leaps, cosmic and cool and oh-so-cordial, courting the curious and credulous alike.

If you’ve ever had a flash of insight, or a moment of momentous knowing— you may have met The Mister.

If you’ve ever danced with sudden delight, or dreamed away a dreary day— you may have met The Mister.

He is a fellow of the most endearing kind, pleasing in a way that can only be named divine.

He plays with children all the day; they are his favourite compatriots.

They laugh and sing and wile the hours away with wonder. They catch whims and chase fancies, take chances and act all dandy.

But the adults are lucky to see him once in a blue moon. They have hardened off their heads and stiffened their lips.

“No time for such nonsense!” they cry. “We have work to do, and things to buy! We are serious and heavy and holding our hips! Come now, grow up! You can’t rely on such luck!”

But The Mister does miss them so.

He remembers each and every one, laughing children alike, before time saw fit to see them grow.

So he does not give up. He taps and taps and taps away, wand knocking merrily on their tough, hard noggins all the live-long day.

Let me in! he whispers. I can help you in the most possible way! Fun and freedom and frolicking play! All the insights to get you on your way! 

And sometimes, just sometimes, his magic sends a shiver up the spine. His starshine drifts into an ear, or tickles a nose hair, reminding our grown up, for one brief moment, of a time before time.

But they don’t show it. They shake the magic off as quickly as it came, continuing on in their serious way.

But The Mister holds no mind— he dances and jumps and bounds his way across the stars, as he has since the very first day.

For he knows a secret:

There is no staying away.

You see, The Mister was first, which means he’s also the last.

And in between is The Mist, simple as that.

You can take it or leave it, it means naught to him.

But if you want to play, learn to follow your whims—

Whereupon when asked:

“Have you met The Mister?”

You can say,

Yes, and he made my day.”